Departure from our guesthouse

This vacation also comes to an end.
So that everything is perfect at the departure please note following:

  • After the last relaxing night, you will wake up early in the morning by the sun.
  • Immediately get out of bed with the right foot first.
  • The rolls are already hanging in front of the door with fresh pastries: enjoy the Tyrolean mountain breakfast one last time.
  • For a few plates and cutlery the dishwasher does not have to be switched on because it takes a long time.
  • Please take the garbage from the kitchen and bathroom to the basement and dispose of the waste for the sake of the environment.
  • Pack everything in the suitcases, do not forget anything: Is there anything left in the closet? Do you have everything from the bathroom?
  • You can simply leave usable food in the refrigerator.
  • For the diligent: Turn the bed linen inside out and make a bag with the sheets.
  • Leave everything in order and finally air out the whole apartment.
  • A short message is enough and we come to say goodbye: Saying goodbye hurts less when you look forward to seeing you again.
  • Our cleaning team will then make sure that everything is clean again.
  • For a thoroughly cleaned apartment, a latest departure of 9:30 would be perfect. Thank you very much.

Journey home

Short check on the Internet whether the selected route is passable.
Is everyone strapped in, then let’s go.
And so have a good trip home and drive carefully!
If you are bored we can think of another travel game:
I’m going on another trip to Tirol and I’m taking a small backpack with me.

Or you can just reminisce the beautiful memories.
All the best from the family Reiter