Have you packed everything:
The clothes for sun walks and rainbow sightseeing are packed?
The equipment for skiing and cross-country skiing is complete?
Do you have sanitary products for a refreshing shower after a day of adventure?
Have you also packed your favorite pillow for falling asleep in the comfort of your own home?
At home everything is in rest mode:
Lights and water tapes are off or closed?
The plants or pets are supplied in the meantime?
Everything is planned for the driving route and the vehicle is in order?

Vacation trip

The journey should always be safe and comfortable. Driving with foresight means being on the road with foresight.
Are you bored? There is always something to discover and meanwhile please fill out the registration sheet.
And afterwards it gets exciting…

Guest registration

Travel game

Do you feel like playing something in the meantime?
We’ll start:
I’m going on a trip to Tirol and I’m taking a small backpack with me.
I’m going on a trip to Tirol and I’m taking a small backpack and … with me.
What all did you pack?

Journey to the Gästehaus Elisabeth

If you are almost sniffing the Tyrolean mountain air, you are welcome to contact us already:
A message, for example, via WhatsApp to the host Werner, to +4366473751710 makes us happy, because then we know that you are on the way. Write the approximate position and your name, then we can already prepare us.

In Fieberbrunn, coming from the west, you first drive through the center of our town with the church on the hill, the community center and the fire station. One kilometer further on, you will see the entrance to the Fieberbrunn mountain railroad on the right and immediately afterwards the road climbs and becomes 3-lane. If there are no fast cars behind you, it is the best to signla left immediately at the last traffic island and at the beginning of the passing lane get into the left lane and continue to signal. Watch out for other traffic in both lanes. 300 meters further is the entrance to the Elisabeth guesthouse.


When you arrive at our place, stretch properly for the first time and breathe in the Tyrolean mountain air deeply. Go up the steps to the front door and just after the door on the right side is the bell on the wall.
If we have not noticed you or are still busy in the apartments call briefly, we will come immediately. After a small briefing and house tour you can start your adventurous vacation…